Mailing a busted handgun

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Can a individual use USPS to return a busted handgun to the manufacturer for repair?


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    Sorry, but....no.

    The receiver IS the firearm, whether alone, assembled on a working gun, or assembled on a busted gun.

    So, from a nonlicensee......only by common carrier (UPS or )USPS fedex) Next Day Air or Next Day Air Saver.


    EDIT: Oooops, my mistake. Senior moment. Of course, I should have said fedex.
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    I may be wrong but I thought a non licencee could mail a gun back to the manufacture of that firearm for repair.
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    A non licensee may return it to the manufacturer without going through an FFL, but not by USPS. No license, no handgun through USPS. The manufacturer can send it directly back to the owner via USPS.
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    quote:...only by common carrier (UPS or USPS). . .


    I think you meant UPS or FedEx.
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    He did mean UPS or FedEx.
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