W.J. Jeffrey 7mm Dbl Barrel Value

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I have a friend that asked me to try and find out the value of his W. J. Jeffrey 7mm Dbl Barrel rifle. There is a lot of engraving on it. I have some pictures that I can send out. If there are additional questions please let me know and I will ask him.

Thank you for the assistance.


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    Make a junk mail address, then sign up at photobucket. Upload your pic's there. Then copy the links to post them here using the info in this link http://forums.GunBroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=259294


    It is likely a high value rifle. In 7mm Mauser? seems unusual, must have been for thin skinned plains game.

    Added Be nice to know if it is 7mm Mauser and perhaps rimmed as in 7x57R. Value is in the market, it's collectable but finding a 20K+ buyer is different than an insurance value. The rifle defiantly deserves a rider on his policy IMHO. You really need to take care and only use proper good fitting screwdrivers (likely ground to fit) should choose to take it apart.
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    Thanks Charliemeyer007 - The pictures can be seen at the following link

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    Need close up photos, of all markings and proof marks. For accurate identification and valuation.
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    From what I can see this is a hammmer gun but very high grade. WE would need many many high grade pictures Close up of each and every part from all angles . Look at seller locust fork her pictures are the type we need Your gun while very high grade would have very few people that would be interested in buying a FANCEY HAMMER Double Rifle
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    I don't know the value, but I can tell you this, it is very high.

    Don't let him sell it until some experts weigh in, and by experts I don't mean the fool at the Cabelas counter or local gun shop.
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    I am working on getting more detailed pictures. Does anyone have any idea on how he can remove the barrels so he can get a better picture for that area?

    Yes we want professional valuation and not the Cabelas best guess. That is why I started on this forum first not knowing where else to go.

    Several years back he did take it to someone and they said it was worth a lot (no ballpark number) and he wouldn't touch it (maybe cause of price or cause of the hammers). Very high and worth a lot are subjective. I have seen other W.J.Jeffrey rifles/shotguns for sale around $20 - 25K. Are the first thoughts around that area or even higher?

    Again I appreciate all the comments and feedback.
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    quote:Originally posted by ArchAng31
    I am working on getting more detailed pictures. Does anyone have any idea on how he can remove the barrels so he can get a better picture for that area?

    To remove the barrels you first remove the for end. From what I see in the one image the takedown button is at the front. Press it and tip the wood down and back. Once that is off simply open the action taking care to keep the barrels from falling.
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    Get it into the hands of a real fine gun expert.

    It could be from $900 to $200,000 .

    By the way are you SURE it is a Jeffrey gun.??

    Many gun makers "USED" WJ Jeffrey barrels on their own guns.

    Much like today, you will see lots of Mossberg shotguns with
    "Hastings" barrels on them.
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    imo and thats all it is, the hammers will kill it,,small market,guessing,but what do I know-
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    "Cordite 31 173 Max" sounds about right for Kynoch 7mm Mauser.
    But a rimless case in a hammer gun? Not likely unless special ordered "out of period" like Col Hawker ordering flintlocks.

    The swirling gold inlay is very fancy and florid for an English double. Made for a sultan?

    This one deserves close study.

    You might ask at NitroExpress.com
    There is a ten year old thread on Jeffreys at
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