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I've a colt 1911 with a ser# of 391669, but the one is a
straight verticle line that is longer and significently deeper than the rest of the numbers- was there a problem with the die? I've seen quite a few this way or is the # actually 39 669??


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    Someone might have restamped it. Without the one in there it would be a 1913 USN Colt. With the one is shows a 1918 Colt. I've never seen one with a space between munbers.
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    It is not a restamp and it is slide marked model of 1911 us army..
    but you see the slide markings with the ones (1) ie:1911 have the little dohickies top and bottom and the serial # with the one is a straight line- deeper and longer- imagine the / only verticle. It is the black finish and a pretty good gun- 2 tone mag and all..
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    Hello the slide was "ROLL STAMPED" one stamp for the entire side of the slide and used many times the serial number [:p]was from put together one digit stamps. many times there are uneven spacing light and deep hits side by side ETC not to worry.
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    Snocountry: givette here. I have a 1913 M1911. My rear sight is rounded in appearance, like a half-moon with a notch in it (as viewed from the rear).

    If your rear sight looks (again viewed from the rear) to have squared off corners, then the "1" is more than likely a legitimate part of the firearms total serial number. Best, Joe
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    thanks- rear sight is squared off with rounded corners - the whole question with the serial# had to do with the 1- being deeper and longer- higher and lower than the rest of the numbers and missing the flag and feet- just a straight verticle line- and it looks out of place- seems as it is just the die and wartime production 1918.
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