Ithaca 12 ga. SXS NID

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I am thinking about trading a Winchester 270 wssm NIB ulitmate shadow for a used Ithaca NID 12 gauge. The serial number dates the gun about 1926.All numbers match
In trying to determine the value I've been unable to identify the grade, The barrel has " smokeless powder steel" on one side and " Made in USA " on the other. The reciever has what appears to be a Irish Setter or some type of pointer on both sides, It has 2 stars on each side of the reciever, one on the bottom and one on the trigger guard. The butt plate is black plastic with two screws. The furniture appears to be walnut in good condition. The shot gun locks up tight and in good condition. It also has cocking two cocking indicators. It feel right for me and have been wanting a SBS for sometime. Any help would be greatly appreciated It does have some pitting and areas with minor rust. Value ? Grade ?
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    It is a standard field grade with the "star" engraving (my personal favorite). As to the value hard to say with some rust and pitting. Some things to look at, on the barrel flats it will have numbers 0-4 most are 4 and 4 which is full and full keep in mind full back then was almost turkey now. The reciever was case hardened from the factory, does any still exist. What length are the barrels. The F for field grade will be on the water table. Is the lever right of center, do the cocking indicators fall. This gun will shoot modern ammo no 3" or steel or Hevi shot.
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    Thanks for the information.
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