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52 Win target rifle worth?

22sport22sport Member Posts: 36 ✭✭
edited June 2015 in Ask the Experts
I would like to know what to ask for a model 52 win. three position target rifle with lots of extras. Included are: butt hook(alum.); little bipod-not to shoot from, just to rest the gun; sling&glove; small wood tray that holds pre-sorted 22 ammo;a mounted target scope; in short all I have for it other than some 22shells. When I got this in the 80's I shot 2 matches prone and cleaned and put it away- a shooter there told me this was simular to what would have been used in the 60's on a national match level. Old gun-old tech. This is a Heavy rifle and I can't wrestle it if I wanted too. I'll dig it out of the safe to see what scope is on it now-when I bought the rifle I had a 10X Unertle but I think I put a more powerful scope on it later. Thank You for your input!


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