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30 USA Head Stamp Ammo Age (30-40 Krag)

QbertHQbertH Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
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I inherited a US ARMY issued 30-40 Krag a while back. Still has the 30" barrel but the hand guard was chopped at some point so its collector value is gone. For me it is priceless as it's been in our family for multiple generations and they have added some uniqueness to it such as cigarette burns on the stock when someone was smoking while shooting and the priceless solid silver dime front sight blade. I have gone through the process of adding a scope and bipod to modernize it somewhat. Anyway, I got several boxes of old ammo along with the rifle. All of the ammo has the 30 USA head stamp. Just curios when Remington changed the head stamp to 30-40 Krag so I can date the ammo I have as older than 19??.
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\SA M1898 30-40 Krag\IMG_0139.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\SA M1898 30-40 Krag\Barrel Stamp with Mfg Yr 1899 SN 168550 of 324283.jpg[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\SA M1898 30-40 Krag\IMG_0158.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\SA M1898 30-40 Krag\IMG_0159.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\SA M1898 30-40 Krag\IMG_0650.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\Ammo\IMG_0169.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\Ammo\IMG_0171.JPG[/img]
[img]C:\Users\HolloterQ\Pictures\Sorted Pics\Ammo\IMG_1454.JPG[/img]


  • dcs shootersdcs shooters Member Posts: 10,969
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    Look here,

    Or better here,
  • charliemeyer007charliemeyer007 Member Posts: 7,345 ✭✭✭
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    Metallurgy back then wasn't all that wonderful. The Krag has only one locking lug. I would inspect the bolt closely with a good hand lens, or do a dye penetrant test to looks for cracks. I have seen the cracks and resulting failures. I like the 95 Winchester. I would love to build up a take down in 30-40 Ackley Improved on a later -06 action.

    I fooled with several Krags, they were all good enough shooters to hunt with. One of the slickest bolt action out there. I wouldn't try and hot rod the reloads. The Ruger #3 could be souped up.
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