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Iver Johnson 3rd model 32 Safety with 5in Barrel

mbleyhlmbleyhl Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
edited June 2015 in Ask the Experts
I am seeking information on an unusal Iver Johnson 3rd model Hammer Safety Small Frame in 32 S&W. This example has a 5 inch barrel and I have not been able to find any refference that this model was offered in a 5 Inch barrel. I am wondering if this was a special order and if so does it add much to the value. I started collecting these little reveolvers mostly because people would just give them to me, and living in MA in the heart of what was the industial gun Mecca of the east cost (No disrespect to Hartford CT.) it seems fitting. Any info would be great, I would love any suggestions on refference books for Iver johnson, H&R, ect.. for my library also. Thanks



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