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45/70 Loads??

hunter223hunter223 Member Posts: 628 ✭✭✭✭
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Im looking to work up a load for my Marlin 45/70. I will be using a 330gr. Hp cast bullet. This bullet does not take a gas check. I would like to get at least 1700 fps. maybe a little more if i could. I would like to know what you have had good luck with as far as powder, powder weight, and accuracy. Thanks very much for your help.[:D]


  • Delta514Delta514 Member Posts: 440 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I don't have the loading here (I'm at home), I do have loadings at the store. But I would like to say: The 405 grain, hard cast, will kill anything on this Continent. The SWC 405 is an accurate round and doesn't have a lot of Kick, (it does Push). All need do: Be good at judging range and know your drop table. The Military preferd this round for Native Americans if you missed the Native American and hit his horse, he still went down. [;)]

    Ronnie G. Perkins
  • agloreaglore Member Posts: 6,012
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    Start with 56 grains of H322. I use 56 grains of H322 as a max load with 405 grain GC hardcast bullets made by Bear Tooth Bullets in Idaho. That load I use will push them 405's just over 1900 FPS. Have also used a 61 grain load of H322 in a Ruger #1 with the 300 grain Barnes X bullet. That load would push the Barnes X bullet to 2300 FPS out of the Ruger #1.

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