Weatherby Olympian Shotgun

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I picked up a Weatherby Olympian 20ga over/under Shotgun that is in mint condition in a trade. I would like to know what this gun is worth to see if I made a good trade. The gun is marked made in Japan with a serial number of R001020.
Thanks Jeff


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    My book shows:
    Exel= $800
    VG = $700
    Good = $600

    Plain Jane imported prior to 1980, had field, skeet and trap models.
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    Thanks for the info sure thought this gun would be worth more than that.jw
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    the athena was the higher grade.
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    the bluebook is a great GUIDE to go by, but you cant always count on it. what you have to go by is what the market will bare. as an example, say you have a gun that the book shows in exellent condition would sell for $1000.00, but yet the same gun is selling all over for $500.00. no matter what the book says, you have a $500.00 gun. same goes the other way. say the book says the gun you have is worth $50.00, but there selling in the firearms comunity for $500.00 . well, are you going to sell that gun for $50.00 because the book says thats all its worth?...i think not.your going to sell it for the market price. ive been a firearms retailer and gunsmith for going on 50 years. i cant count the times ive bought used guns from people who went by the "book" and made a killing . shoot, i recently bought a whole firearms collection from a guy locally who thought that he was a shrude seller, and ran out and bought himself a brand new bluebook of gun values. we went by his grading and what his book said, and i ended up buying 17 guns for 1500.00 . when i got back to the shop, i did a bit of looking around online and elsewere, and ended up selling just one of the guns i got from him for OVER $1500.00, all becuase he didnt take the time to see what the market would bare.

    that olympian weatheryby, depending on what condition it is in would sell for anywere from around 700.00 to up as high as $1200.00+ to a collector.also, the book doesnt mention one other thing on those olympians. some came with 3" chambers, and some with 2 3/4" chambers. the 3" chamber models would of course command a premium. i recently had one here with 3" chambers that sold off the shelf for $1279.00
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