Winchester 3006 w/odd barrel

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Help! Came across a Winchester 3006 bolt action, but the barrel says JCxxxxx(can't remember, but I think it said Higgins) on it. The owner says he bought it brand new about 20 years ago and has never had any work done on it, is this possible. Is this some thing to avoid, or scoop up. Please respond if you've heard anything about these. Thanks Oz


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    Winchester made guns for Sears, but mostly with the Ted Williams name on them. The gun does not have any particular collector value, just shooter value.
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    Its pretty much a Winchester 670. A model 70 with a cheap stock and usually without a floor plate. If it is clean and good condition, it could be a good buy. You won't get a lot out of it when you sell it, but it should be a quality hunting rifle.
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