Opinions on which Synthetic stock for Rem 700

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I am going to replace the wood stock on my primary hunting rifle (Rem 700 long action) with a composite stock. I have looked at several including H. S. Precision, Bell & Carlson, Mc Millian, and Ram-Line. I do not have any experience with synthetic stocks and I am seeking opinions on which one to buy. I am leaning towards the H.S. Precision because of its solid feel, (I hate the obviously hollow ones), aluminum bedding block and their claim that it doesn't need to be glass bedded. Any thoughts on the matter and are there others that I should consider?Thank you,


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    Take serious look at the aluminum-framedsynthetic that Rem. puts on its SWAT Rifle version of the 700. It is sort of the standard for police swat use, which should tell you of the quality
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    I have the 700 VSSF with the H.S. Percission stock and I love it to death!!! If you are looking to carry this weapon in the field this stock is pretty heavy, however for bench rest shooting it is the best one that i have had yet! Mr. Tim
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    Doesn't the H-S precision stock have aluminum bedding?Bedding is really important, and should be a primary consideration no matter what type of stock you get.Stay away from Ram-line stocks, they're just plain cheap.I don't know about full size rifles, but I love the feel of Ruger Over-molded stocks on 10/22's.
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    Don't overlook the Remington factory synthetic. They are pretty cheap on eBay or The Gun List. With a little bedding they work just fine and save yourself a couple of hundred bucks.
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    I have one of the "Ultimate Varminter" stocks by Choate I use for my Remington VSSF, it has aluminum bedding blocks, spacers to add for length of pull, spacers to adjust the height of the cheekrest, handstop/bipod rail with an accessory bar and a adjustable foot at the rear of the stock, it also has a removable pistolgrip cap to add extra weight as you can also add weight in the stock if you desire. One drawback (espically for the field) is that the stock alone weighs about 4.5 pounds. With my Remington 700 (Stainless Fluted Barrel so its heavy anyway) mounted in it, optics & bipod and NO extra weight added it weighs in at almost 14 pounds ... which is fine for the Bench but I dont think I'd concider it a "Walking Varminter". I think even a rifle with a standard contour barrel would probably weigh in around 10 pounds.
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    Get the HS which is the Rem Al bedded stockBrown also makes a great stock
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