Quality of Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22

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I was flipping through the pages of my most favorite readable, my Gunbible, and noticed a picture of a unique "Birdhead" handle .22lr SA Cowboy looking pistol manufactured by Heritage called the Rough Rider, and though it looked astetically apealling, questioned its quality when I obserbed its low retail price. Any remarks?


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    I've sold many of these in my shop with nary a complaint. You usually get what you pay for, but in this case you get a little more. Certainly not on a par with the Ruger Single-Six, but functional, accurate; and as yet, none returned for repairs.
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    I have a Rough Rider 22./22mag. combo and like it very much. I bought it to carry with me fishing and backpacking. I've put a lot of miles on that gun and a lot of rounds through it with no problems. When I first got it I figured if I damaged it I wouldn't have lost much becouse I only paid around $125 for it.Now you couldn't give me twice that for my worn out LOOKING Rough Rider.It has earned it's name in my book. Buy yourself one and see, it will not be a waste of money.[This message has been edited by shane (edited 09-04-2001).]
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