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Anyone have any experience or comments appreciated.


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    The 908 is a single stack, compact, basic version of the S&W 3rd generation series. It should perform basically the same as the 5900, 6900, or 3900 series. The 908 should be reasonably priced as it doesn't have some of the fancier features. It will take the same mags as the 3914-3913.
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    I've carried one for 5 years. It had to go back to S&W after 5 rounds as the chamber was so large it split cases. The replacement barrel stopped the problem although it is plenty loose. The gun runs well most of the time but does not shoot to point of aim. It must be loaded carefully as the mags. have a tendancy to double feed the first round. I've since replaced it with an HK USP40 compact.
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