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Hi,I am interested in purchasing a Norinco MAK-90. Although, it's not my first gun, I'm still pretty much a novice at this. Is there anything important I should know about. I will be purchasing it used. I also would like to know what I should expect to pay. I saw one at a gun show recently with 2-30 rd. & 2-5 rd. magazines for $380. Was this a good price? Also I may want to put a scope on it one day. I hear the SKS has a habit of ejecting the shell into the scope. Is this a Problem with the MAK, too? Thanks in advance.-Marcus


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    I have one I paid $279 for new. If the side of the receiver is tapped for a side rail then scoping is an option. I've found that the receiver cover type of scope mount cannot hold a zero to save your life. I like mine, it does not eject rounds in a fashion that would hit the scope but any one who is behind and to right of you should watch out for a good fifteen feet.
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    Gravedigger, that will probably be about right for a MAK 90 at this time. Are there any particular reasons that you want the MAK 90 over any other AK variant? There are others that come with a scope base already installed on the side of the receiver, specifically the SAR 1 from Romania. These will have the pestol grip instead of a thumbhole stock as well. JDCHASE's experience with the top cover scope mounts is a common one, they are not the most stable. Then again at the distance an AK is accurate to, a scope is only marginally needed. If there are more specific questions I can answer, my E-mail is [email protected]
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    Look into a SAR, trust me, you'll be much happier and they don't have those silly looking dragunov stocks! You can pick a brand new Sar up for 279 from Aim. I have two of em and am thinking about another one
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    I mostly wanted a MAK vs. an AK because the MAK looked cooler. Also from what I have seen at gun shows (where I'm more than likely going to buy it)the MAK's look to be in better shape than the AK's on average. I do plan to buy an AK later on as well. I'm probably gonna scap the scope idea, too.-Marcus
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    Marcus.. I owned a mak-90 for almost 3 years now and its the best investment i have ever done.Im not too much hooked on the ar-15 thing, im a ak guy! I have never but never had a jamming problem and contrary to what other members say, the mak-90 with the dragunov stock its the meanest looking bastard ever. Buy it and put a dragunov stock, a 75rds or 100rds(whatever u can afford) a bipod and a red dot scope and im telling you people are gonna start taking cover.this is my personal opinion and i can't be more honest by telling you BUY IT!!!hope my opinion helped and have fun!!
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    Gravedigger, Preferences, as far as AK's are concerned are just that. Everyone has their own favorites for any other reason. It took me over a decade in the shooting sports to finally invest in an AK. Just recently I was able to acquire a MAADI AK47 with a thumbhole stock for $380 with a 75 rd drum and 3 high caps out the door, taxes and all. This MAADI is by far the "crudest" ak I have ever seen.....which sparked my interest, with the hopes to fiddle with it eventually. Being AR15 oriented for the past decade, this was something new to me. The price you quoted for the MAK90 would be in the ballpark for NEW mak's. Howevever, considering you are new to this and might not be too familiar at all with troubleshooting POS firearms (seen a lot of em) It might be a better idea to stick with the more reliable SAR-1. I dont have one, but after seeing it...its defenitely a consideration. Unless of course, like me, you are buying an AK because youre amused about how such a crude thing works almost flawlessly unlike an AR. Dont get hooked up on acquiring a Norinco. There are other brands out there that might fit your needs better and a bit more prctical. Romak's run for $239 with 3 mags....albeit the horrendous stock.RE:SCOPESDont waist your money on optics especially with an AK. Wouldnt hold zero if your life depended on it. Besides, you have an AK! what kind of handicap do you have to have the need for a scope? It's an AK for crying out loud!!! Use it like the way its supposed to be used, SPRAY IT!!!!*****Anyone interested in a forearm and buttstock from a ROMAK a'la Dragunov? hahaha I got the dealer to throw them in with the package...although, I know Im never going to install it on my MAADI.
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    RE: scopesOn second thought...those receiver cover mounted scopes are easily detatched and can be used as a "non-aerodynamic projectile" in case you run out of ammo. just kidding everyone. Hope nobody got offended by this.-Smooth
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