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I'm looking to buy a S&W #386 revolver for my wife. It hasn't been approved for sale in California yet but S&W says that it should be available for sale in the next 60 days. I'd like to get a better idea of when it'll be available. Does anyone have a more difinitive answer? Does anyone own one of these? What do you think of it?[This message has been edited by mbinkerd (edited 09-07-2001).]


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    Recent lightweight revolvers from S&W have an extremely heavy trigger pull. Make sure that your wife has a chance to see if she has the strength to fire it before you buy one.I recommend you look at the .38 S&W Ladysmith.Neal
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    Another thing to think about. The lighter the gun, the more it is going to kick. Lightweight guns are great to carry, but I've seen even big guys that thought they were a bit much to shoot. A lot of people make the mistake of getting a woman a really light gun, thinking that they'll really like it. Holding it is no problem, enduring the recoil may be another story. I'd recommend shooting one yourself first or at least something like it, before you buy one for her. You may find that you'll want to re-think your plan. If it is going to be primarily a carry gun that's rarely shot, that's one thing. If it is going to be a gun you expect her to shoot regularly, that's another. The lighter the gun (using the same ammo), the more it is going to kick, basic physics.
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    I have had the opportunity to fire a lot of different S&W airlights and found that for me the recoil was not too bad. I fired 2 boxes of .44 spl before I started thinking about shooting something else. They are great guns for situations where you do not anticipate an entire day of shooting. Great for backpacking or concealed carry. I would not want to go through a 500 round qualification, but I do recommend the guns. I would try to let her shoot a box of ammo through one to see if she likes it first. If not, then the 36 ladysmith is another small frame, light revolver. (they also put a little trigger job on the ladys) Any of the hard trigger pulls can be softened by a little lube and a lot of shooting. All are excellent choicesBadger
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