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I need a ball park price and some feedback on a "Romak 2" I was told it was a clone of a Romanian AK 47, this gun is new and is a 7.62x39. Thanks,Oro


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    Wholesale Guns & Ammo, inc 1-631-234-7676 has Romanian WASR AK-47 w/thumbhole stock and x3 30rd mags for $238.99 They also sale the SAR-1 Romanian AK-47 for $278.99J&G Sales 1-520-445-9650 has the WASR for $249.95SOG International 1-800-944-4867 has Romanian AK-47's for $295The Romanian AK's from what I've seen come in about 4-different commercial versions.SAR-1 (7.62x39), SAR-2 (5.45x39), SAR-3 (.223rem), and WASR (7.62x39 w/thumbhole stock). I'm guessing after you went thru the transaction with a dealer, and after shipping you could look to spend about $300-350.
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    Great calculating,guy!I got my SAR-3 from SOG,and after all was said and done the total came to $349.80.
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