SW66+$350 for an UZI carbine(norinco). Is this a fair deal?

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I was on a local gun shop recently and was trying to trade my SW66 (.357cal). The owner had an UZI sporter (yeah, the ugly ones!) But wanted an additional $350 for the trade to go through and this will be out the door with taxes and fees. Additionally, he will throw in a used generic(P.O.S.) .22cal potmetal pistol worth $35 with the deal. Another option he gave me was a straight trade for a chinese SKS sporter (takes AK mags) Would this be a fair if not a good deal? One shop offered to give me at least $250 and another offered a trade for an AR15 lower assembly (complete)manufactured by DPMS. I am by no means familiar with the values on the 66's. So any help you can render will be greatly appreciated.thanks,-Smooth


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    The offer of $250 for the 66 is fair--that's about what the dealer would pay elsewhere. The deal for the SKS is probably a good one as this version is banned from import and in demand in some circles. I would think that you could make $150 reselling it to the right person. The deal on the lower receiver seems about right. The Uzi is pretty high.
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    According to blue book, the 66 is worth $445 at 100%, $305 at 98% and $220 at 95%
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    My experience with blue book values is that they are about 20% higher than actual retail, to allow dealers to ask more. You can always find them cheaper.
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