Kimber Ultra Eclipse II

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I would like some info on this gun. Is this a custom shop model? Is this gun stainless steel,aluminum, or steel? What is the retail for this model? Thanks In Advance


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    I haven't seen anything published about the Ultra Eclipse IIT, But I'm sure it will be a Custom Shop Gun ... here's info on the Eclipse IIT Custom, Pro and Stainless Gold Match: Custom Eclipse IIT and Pro Eclipse IIT Featuring a slide and frame machined from stainless steel forgings, both versions are chambered in .45 ACP and ideal for concealed carry and defense. The unique matte finish with brush-polished flats is elegant and functional. Custom Shop features include 30 LPI front strap checkering, extended ambidextrous thumb safety, gray/black laminated grips and match grade Premium Aluminum Trigger. Both models have Custom Shop markings and special serial number sequence. The Custom Eclipse II has a match grade five-inch barrel with match grade chamber. It is the first Kimber pistol to include adjustable Meprolightr night sights. The Pro Eclipse II has a match grade four-inch bushingless bull barrel with match grade chamber. It features fixed Meprolightr three dot (green) night sights.Stainless Gold Match SE IITAvailable in .45 ACP and .38 Super, the Stainless Gold Match SE II features a frame, slide and barrel machined from stainless steel forgings. Designed to win action shooting competitions, it is the first Kimber with a serrated flat top frame. The overall finish is bead blasted to an elegant matte on the curves with contrasting polished flats.Special features include ambidextrous thumb safety, 30 LPI checkered front strap, hand-checkered rosewood grips, Custom Shop markings and special serial number sequence. The .38 Super version features a ramped barrel. The new Series II safetyAll pistols have the new Kimber Firing Pin SafetyT that does not increase or alter trigger pull. The safety is disengaged by pressure on the grip safety and does not change the appearance or function of the pistol in any way. Retail price Custom Eclipse II $1,121 Pro Eclipse II $1,065 SGM SE II(.45) $1,487 SGM SE II(.38 Super) $1,515 Reports from buyers of some of the 1st run reported problems with the Meprolight front sight, but that seems to have been resolved.
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    Just curious what competitions they are marketing the 38 super for? The gun only holds 9+1 rounds so I think IPSC and IDPA are out.
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