11-87 1100 Whats difference?

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I am in need of a rifled slug barrel for my 1100. What I found was a new,never fired 11-87 Hastings Paradox barrel so cheap ($25)at a rummage sale I couldn't pass it up. I figured with the $200 I saved on the barrel I would just buy an 11-87 and give up on the search for a 1100 barrel.Just for fun I decided to see what the difference was between the 11-87 and 1100 barrel. After doing some carefull looking and measuring with a dial caliper I see no difference. The 11-87 barrel seems to be an exact fit on the 1100. I fired it 10 shots and seems to work fine or I would't be here asking whats the difference?


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    The following is Remington's reply to your question: Although the Model 1100 and Model 1187 shotguns are very similar in design we do not recommend that the barrels be interchanged between models. The extractors and corresponding extractor cuts in the barrel extensions differ. The locations of the barrel seal groves in the magazine tubes are in slightly different places. Most of all it is an unsafe practice to swap parts between models unless it is a documented fact that the different models use the same parts.
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