Glock aftermarket barrels

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i got a glock model 27 and want to put a stainless barrel on it any good ones out there a guy should look at. no real reason for it just cuz i think they look cool. ive looked at a few in cheaper than dirt. i think they were made by a company called lone wolf or somthing like that. the only thing is i think the aftermarket ones are slightly longer than the factory ones thus it would stick out the front of the slide. any companies make one to factory lengh? also i wanted to put night sights on it but not sure how to remove the old sights if even possible. any advice would be great. thanks


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    I recently purchased a Glock 31 in .357 Sig and out of the box this gun shoots great, My question is, I have a friend who has a Glock 22 with an aftermarket barrel in .357 Sig, we shot the same ammo out of both guns, his had groups off the paper, we both shot both guns, and the factory barrel shot groups in the 2 inch range. When we compared the barrels the factory barrel had a clockwise twist, the aftermarket barrel had a counterclockwise twist. We swapped barrels and when the aftermarket was in my gun it also shot poorly. My question is would direction of twist have this much affect?
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    I had the same problem dropping a US imported, Korean-made stainless .357 SIG barrel into my 22C; got my groups back onto the paper with the addition of a set of Millet front & rear (adjustable) target sights. Accuracy is acceptable out to about 50' where the spread is about 5." Without the sight switch, the .357 SIG was quite low & left at 25' - about 12" both ways.I haven't actually looked for LH vs RH rifling.Depending on what you paid for the barrel in question (mine was about $100), a certified Glock armourer could probably improve it's accuracy with carefull fitting to a specific slide, that is if he's willing to touch it at all!I have a BarSto barrel in .357 SIG (about $200) for an HK USP fullsize that performs flawlessy when swapped for the .40 S&W HK barrel;both allow me to - on a GOOD day - put 9 of 10 rounds into a 2" pattern at 35.' Mine is their drop-in flavor; they also sell barrels that require hand-fitting by a gunsmith to provide best fit & consistent performance.My humble opinion is that the entire firearm must work together correctly for maximum accuracy to be achieved; if the various tolerances don't add up right every time, it's gonna' show up on the paper.
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