Magnum Research Lone Eagle

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Just got a good deal on a 7mm/08 Lone Eagle. Anyone know anything about them. How they shoot as far a accuracy, the trigger, any info. good or bad would be appreciated. CDNN Investments supposedly just bought all Magnum Research has left. I guess they are going to discontinue them. Thanks, JK
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    I bought one two years ago to hunt with. With a 2X scope mounted I can shoot 2" groups at 100 yd. More than acceptable for deer hunting in PA woods. The trigger is a little creepy. I stoned the stricker rod but it improved it minimully. I found that if the trigger is pulled strongly against the trigger block safety let off was improved greatly. Always remember not to trust a safey mechinism. I "preset" the trigger pointing the gun safe direction. Since it is a single shot, all shots in the woods have been carefully placed- no follow-up shots have been needed. I really prefer the Competitor for a cannon breech platform. It has an interchangable barrel system for the action, rather than interchanging the entire barrelled action in the stock. The cocking action for Competitor is more convient too. The ejector is interchangable for different rim sizes. And the laminated wood stock has the advantage of being easily worked to fit the hand. My brother bought one just after I bought the lone eagle for just slightly more money. Please note that I haven't sold my Lone Eagle to buy a Competitor; there isn't enough difference between to justify changing. The Competitor may not be available any more. It was manufactured by a small firm in CT (I think) and distrubited by either Marlin or Savage (neither website lists it). I can get the info from my brother as to the address and phone number if there is any interest. Keith
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    I have one in 7mm benchrest. I use it for metallic silhouette. I like how it shoots. It had a slight over travel on the trigger but that was an easy fix. I have been very succesful with all types of targets. In silhouette the Ram targets are at 200 yards. This gun will consistantly hit them with no problem (I'm the problem not the gun). RG
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