Scope mount for Benelli ???

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I ordered a Benelli M1 Field 12 ga. camo slug gun w/ a 24" barrel. I've been waiting 7 months for the gun store to get this gun in!!! I am wondering what kind of scope mount will I need to put a scope on this gun. Thanks for any help.


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    Check out Brownells, Cabela's has B-Square mounts for your gun $40. I have a M1 Super 90 with a custom made mount soldered to the barrel that takes quick release Warne rings with an extended eye relief scope. This enables me to change barrels without resetting the scope...or I can remove the scope for open sights if necessary, put the scope back on and it goes back to zero. I don't care for resighting scopes in. I think I have seen someone offer a cantilevered mount barrel for the Bennelli. Maybe Hastings?
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