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More than 10 years ago I purchased a Spanish made shotgun and I have found NO information on it.It is a 12 guage SxS with dual triggers, detachable sidelocks, cocking indicators and selective ejectors. The receiver is case hardened and engraved.Near the receiver, the right barrel reads:ZAMACOLA HERMANOS,S.R.C.-EIBAR-SPAIN the left barrel reads:MARCA "JABALI" REGISTRADA MADE IN SPAIN Here's the story from the gun dealer I purchased this shotgun from:The son of an Air Force captain had sold the gun to the dealer, because 'dad' had died and no one in the family hunted. 'Dad' had been stationed in Europe (maybe Spain) during the 1950's and had puchased the shotgun while overseas (try and do that today!!!!!). The gun dealer had done some research on the make of the gun and found out that 'Zamacola Hermanos' was a small family in Eibar,Spain that manufactured guns (shotguns, rifles???) and was eventually bought out by one of the other firearms manufacturer in Eibar (AyA???) Does anyone have any info on this shotgun?Thanks, Ron


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    There were and are many small gunmaking firms in the Eibar region of Spain (the Basque version of Liege). Only the largest companies, such as AyA, develop significant export sales to the US.The best way to determine value is to compare your shotgun to the equivalent AyA model, possibly the now discontinued 116. For detachable sidelocks and hand-engraving, assuming equivalent workmanship to AyA, figure $500 - $800, but realize it would be a difficult sale.
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