Victor Brand magazines any good?

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Tapco has Victor brand magazines for sale, has anyone used them or know what kind of quality they are. These would be for a p series Ruger and a mini 14. thanks
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    I've had some of them before. All I can say is they're cheap, both in price and in quality. The one for the P series might,... might work, but the one for the Mini is very doubtful in regards to it functioning at all. As of yesterday, September 13th, it has been 7 years since the Crime Bill was signed, September 13th, 1994. As of that date there could be no more manufacture of high capacity magazines. If these were of any quality at all do you think they would have any left after 7 years? If they worked, at that price people who bought them would call back and buy them all up. My guess is people bought them, they didn't work very well and didn't reorder. That's why they still have them not only available, but available cheaply, so no one can really complain. You get what you pay for.
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    My question is, do you really think that they are 7 years old? I think not, I truely believe that there are companies out there still making them, they just haven't been caught yet....
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