Rem 760 Gamemaster

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Hey all - I just picked up a Remington 760 gamemaster in the quite rare cal .222 rem. The gun was not shot much, but unfortunately it was poorly cared for and stored. Much of the exposed metal is covered in very light rust. My question for y'all is; in your (humble) opinions, would this gun be worth more left original or if I had it reblued ? I plan to put it on the market in the near future. Thanks, Mike Walker


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    give her a good cleanin' and polishin' and sell her like she is. reblueing hits you twice. it decreases 'original' value and costs you money. IMHO, this is true of just about every gun unless you personally plan on keeping it forever.>bob[This message has been edited by burn1bob (edited 09-14-2001).]
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    Take a little light oil and some 0000 steel wool to it. Not real hard but just enought to take the layer of rust off,Regards,Guzda
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