winchester 94AE

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Will the barrel, magazine tube, and forearm from a Legacy fit on a 94AE? I really don't care for the cross bolt safty on the newer rifles.


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    Were all the 94AEs drilled and tapped for a scope before they left the factory?

    I have a Contender 7-30 Waters and am considering purchasing a 94AE XTR in 7-30 Waters, but I do not want to make the mistake of reducing collector value by buying one it it was drilled and taped after it left the factory.

    Thx, in advance.
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    A couple of years ago I bought a Winchester 94AE from a associate of mine. I'm trying to find somewhere that I can place a value on this rifle. It's got a nickle plated receiver with engraving and has Wild Bill Hickok's name and face engraved on it. It's in the 45 Colt caliber and has a big loop lever (like Chuck Conners "The Rifleman". Anybody have any idea as to monetary value on it? It's never been fired but unfortunately I don't have the box or papers on it.
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