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Folks I need some help here, anyone ever seen a "O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. New Haven, Conn. USA 46 M (b) .22 rifle? Good, Bad or unremarkable? And are the bolts interchangeable on all "46" models?
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    Your rifle was made from 1947 (some sources say 1945) to 1952. Current value in 90% condition is about $125. Like most Mossbergs they were accurate, well made firearms. As for bolt interchangeability I can only answer, "Probably". If you need a bolt I would suggest contacting Mr. Victor Havlin of the National Mossberg Collector's Assn. He deals exclusively in obsolete Mossberg parts. I don't have his address readily at hand, but do have it somewhere; and can get it if you need it. I'll check back tomorrow. [This message has been edited by Der Gebirgsjager (edited 09-14-2001).]
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    ditto on the observation that Mossbergs are well made, accurate, and long-lasting. The 46A series bolt will not fit your (b) series action. These bolts are frequently offered here on Gunbroker; enter Mossberg in the search category, and scroll.
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    Der Gebirgsjager, another poster gave me this address, www.havlinsales.com so thought I'd share. Thank you. j2k22, Thank you for the sound advice. Off to scroll!
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