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I shipped a very nice custom rifle that I sold on-line via UPs ground. It was insured for the full amount, but it arrived at its destination with the stock literally split in half. What do I have to do now?


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    I need to thin my collection in order to make a few new purchases.

    I need to get rid of at least two of the following. What would you recommend selling? What should I keep?

    Marlin 336 30-30 w/ Redfield scope, made in 1975, 95%
    Russian SKS, made '49 to '52, receiver cover does not match, 95%
    Norinco SKS Paratrooper, Factory 26, 98%, all matching

    Got to pay for the new M4 and used Ruger GP100 I just bought. Thanks.
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    Looking to buy my first rifle. I am thinking of buying a Mosin Nagant. I would also like to put some type of scope on this rifle and use it for target shooting. I guess I want a historical sniper rifle. I do not want to spend a bundle. I do not know anything about frosting or bluing. Just looking for some advice on which is the most solid and accurate nagant. Any advice would be helpful. I also welcome any other rifle suggestions.Thanks in advance.Tom
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    I have been off this forum for awhile[sometimes life gets complicated and busy]. Jumping back in because I need some advice from experienced GB sellers. I have a friend who is haveing some health issues, and may need to part with his firearm collection. I don't remember exactly how many he has, but about 15 or so collectable Remingtons. I said I would help him sell on GB if he wants. He would really like to sell the entire collection together. My question is; do you think he could get a better price selling as a group, or seperatly? Thanks for your input.
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    The Nagant is a great rifle. The two most common variations are the M44 and the 91/30. The 91/30 having a considerably longer barrel which improves accuracy. The M44 is a shortened version of the carbine, which boasts a side-folding bayonet. Both rifles contain an internal top loading 5 round magazine and fire the stout 7.62x54 which can be found in many gun shops and online. The M44 has a considerably heavier kick than the 91/30, but can be extremely accurate. To achieve the best results fire your M44 with the bayonet fully extended. I know this looks weird but without the bayonet the rifle vibration is thrown off. Make sure the rifle you choose has all matching numbers, otherwise you risk buying an ill-fitted rifle. I hope this helps...Monkey
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    Got a 91/30 about a month ago, took a full day to clean the rifle up. Finally gave up and stripped/sanded the stock then polyurethaned it. Also used a heat gun (on low) to get the cosmoline out of the wood.Took it out to the range and was blasting clays at 120 yards easily (laying the targets on a hillside). Then I started shooting the clay pieces. Cannot believe how accurate this rifle is, considering the shape it was in when it was sent to me. I am ordering two more.Mike
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