New M1 Garrands?

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Im seeing new or rebuilt M1 Garands every where. Are they any good? Alot are centry arms imports and some are IMI plus some others. I had one made in the 50's. The bore was good but the accuracy spotty. Some groups 2" some 8" what is typical for a service grade M1?[This message has been edited by No Bull (edited 09-04-2001).]


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    The only ones that are worth the money are the ones built on American made, milled receivers. The cast foriegn made receivers are junk. Any M1 Garand should hold a 1-1/2" group if the gun is in good condition.
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    I've talked to a lot of people who have bought the Century made ones. The only thing they were happy about is that the gun was cheap. Many of them are having problems with them that I've never encountered on the originals, at least not in such frequency anyway. I'd recommend getting one from the CMP or an original from any other source.
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    Try the IAI built ones, they come out of Houston, TX, they also reproduce .30carbines.
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    I couldn't find the IAI texax address, do you know what it is?
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    Israel Arms International5709 HartsdaleHouston, Tx. 770361-800-599-2561 www.israelarms.com I know the purists won't agree but, I have one of their M1 Carbines that has been fun to shoot with no problems or malfunctions. the rifles are built to milspec. I can't vouch for the Garand's but I believe IAI builds a quality rifle.
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