Keeping track of # of rounds fired

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Just wondering how everyone keeps track of the number of rounds fired for each of your guns. For me it was easy after I got my first gun a little over a year ago, but now my collection has grown and I find it's very difficult to remember how many rounds have gone through each of them.


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    My collection also increased recently and i soon faced a similiar problem. I could never remember informations about a specific rifle: distance of adjustment, best grouping, type of ammo., is the rifle ready to use or should i deassemble to remove the extra storage lubrification?... I solved my problem with a small note book in which i assigned a few pages to each rifle. I assumed that a such logbook could also be used to register the number of shot after a day at the range.
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    I tape a piece of paper to the inside of my ammo box on the lid. This has all the specs on the type of round I'm shooting and how the rifle is sighted for various distances. After that, I update another column with the number of rounds shot. When that page gets used, I transfer the information to a new page and go from there. It works for me...that way I don't leave my notebook at home, either.
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    I just shoot barefoot. Works for me.
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    Me too. I don't care how many rounds went down the tube. As long as it works it's ok with me. If it breaks I'll fix it.
    So many guns to buy. So little money.
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    I won't be selling any of my guns so I don't keep track of how many round went down the tube. Do you really believe the posts anyway's when a guy says less than 100 rds fired? And if you do, why would anyone sell a gun in that condition? I'd be leery of it. I guess a ledger of some sort could be used if you had to have it. Just shoot it until it doesn't want to work for you anymore, then have a smith put a new barrel on it.
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