Which Red Dot?

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I've been tempted to try out the cheap red dots available. I've seen the Tasco called "Red Dot" for $30 and the BSA for $40. Anyone have any experience with these? I'm thinking about putting it on one of my 10/22's.Roy


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    rballi, I've got one of the BSA models mounted on a SKS and have had no problems, in fact it works great. It should be just the ticket for a 10/22. I have no experience with the Tasco red dot.
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    I've heard the batteries for the Tasco cost $10. How much do the batteries for the BSA cost?Roy
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    Tasco has been using common batteries #2025, and #2032 for years. Same as the BSA, and many others. Pricing from $1.99 depending on where purchased. Much of BSA's product line is from RED China. Some of Tasco's is too, but not all their dots.
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