GEW .88 ERFURT GERMANY 18??/ 19??

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Any help with info or parts would be greatly appreciated. Please if you have any info tell me. thanks


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    All the info you need is available in many different gun books. Condensed: The German Model 1888 is often referred to as "The Commission Rifle" because it was the end result of an ordnance commission set up in Imperial Germany to design a better rifle. It is a cross between Mauser and Mannlicher ideas, although Mauser had nothing to do with it's design (wasn't consulted) and was bent out of shape about it. The rifle was produced at several different German arsenals and by several private manufacturers, Erfurt being only one, and was chambered for 8x57mm Mauser. The bullet, however, was .318 in diameter and the cartridge was later redesigned to take a .323 dia. bullet. Obviously it is unwise to fire the new ammo in the old rifles, and although the .318 version is still loaded in Europe and available from some obsolete cartridge dealers, it has become largely a handloading proposition. Some were conveted to the more modern .323, and these usually have a large "S" stamped on the chamber; but one should bear in mind that these are very old guns and shoot reduced loads (10% reduction recommended). The '88 rifle requires a Mannlicher enbloc clip to function as a repeater, and these are also becoming harder to find. If your rifle is in sound condition it should be safe to fire with the appropriate ammunition. Better have a gunsmith look it over. Parts are available from the Numrich Gun Parts Corp.
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