where can I get a barrel

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I'd like to have a 40/82 barrel made and fit to a rolling block action. Who does this kind of work?

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    Hello Kurt,

    Give Ballard Rifle, LLC a call - http://www.ballardrifles.com/

    They are making new Remington Rolling Block rifles (as well as Winchester Model 1885s and Ballards).

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    I think I responded to this question somewhere else, but yhou may want to contact C.P. Donnelly, Grants Pass, OR. If he says he'll take on the job & you decide to use his services, you will be glad that you did.
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    THere is a company in Kansas the is a distributor, but they are nationall known for Unbelievable rifle and shotgun work. They are Simmons Guns, in Either KC, or Spring Hill KS.
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