Opinions on "pre-accutrigger" savage???

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I have been looking into getting a Savage tactical rifle (model 10fp). I have come across one that I can get a really good deal on but it does not have the accu-trigger. Is that trigger really that big an improvement over the older savage trigger??

I would appreciate any feedback



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    I had one just like that, a 10FP, tactical, in 308, 24" barrel, and it was a pre accutrigger model. The Accutrigger is defintely an improvement, but I was very happy with the standard trigger and was able to shoot some very satisfying groups with my handloads as well as factory ammo. If you can get it a really good price, you can always have a gunsmith tweak the trigger a bit and get it down to where you want it. They are a great rifle and I wish I had not sold mine!

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    I have a pre accutrigger 10fp ,and yes it is a major improvement.The accutriggers pull can be lowered safely to around a pound,stock trigger on Savages is usualy very heavy,around 8 pounds.There are a couple good replacement triggers available for the older Savage that are as good or close to the accutrigger,so plan on a additional $80.00-$100.00 for a replacement.They are usually fairly easy to install if your semi mechanicly inclined.

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    The Accutrigger can NOT be added later. That said, I think they make excellent rifles and Chris8161 has had an excellent experience. If push comes to shove. look at www.midwayusa.com for Rifle Basix and Timney triggers if a smith can't get it where you want it.
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    I saw an orange shot off a fence post at 500 yards with a pre-accutrigger Savage 10FP in 308.
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