Chiappa 1911-22 .22 LR 1911

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Anyone know anything about this?Chiappa 1911-22 .22 LR 1911.Thank you for your time.


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    search on this subject it was posted and talked about about 4 or five months ago. The Guy who designed / got production started was a Military shooter and very hospitable.He wanted a pistol to meet a price point.And he did that. I am waiting for the all steel Match grade model. I would say it all depends on what use and how much you want to shoot.
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    I understand that it's made in Germany by a outfit named German Sport Guns. They specialize in making .22 caliber reproductions of modern firearms. Besides the Chiappa they make a replica of the Heckler & Koch MP 5, that they call the GSG 5. They also make the SIG Mosquito.

    I personally question the long term durability of these guns because they are mostly made of zinc,(potmetal) die castings with a minimum of steel parts.

    My experience with this type of construction hasn't been positive. The Erma replica Lugers of the 60's and 70's also used potmetal die castings in their construction. The two of these I worked on were quite fragile and temperamental, better to be hung on the wall as conversation pieces then to be relied on as functional firearms.

    You might check the rimfire central site. Their have been many posts on it regarding the various replica guns made by GSG including the Chiappa.
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    Thanks,Checked rimfire central they had mostly good thangs to say also on a different forum same thing 10 out of 12 people liked it the two that didnt said trigger pull was to heavey.
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    I have (2) one for the son and one for the girlfriend...They are great for plinking and can be tweeked into a nice accurate shooter. Feel and function of a true 1911.
    Chiappa is an Italian firm. Chiappa USA is out of Ohio. Go to www.1911-22.com to get all the poop. Very nicely priced MSRP is $299.99. Even better for an FFL holding Gunsmith.

    Mountain Magic Gunsmithing
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    I handled one in a shop the other day, it was marked at 299... It is about as much 1911 as the llama or star clones are... (cosmetic only).

    If I didn't have a Ruger Mk II and lots of mags already, and I was going to spend $350-400 (the mags for the 1911-22 are about $25) on a 22 set up, I'd just get a good 1911 conversion kit to go on top of my RIA.

    For a pure 22 dedicated shooter set up, I think a Ruger or Browning would be a much better investment.
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    I bought one last Nov. I'm kinda in the middle on it. It LOOKS like a 1911 (Cool), it shoots fairly well. Mine was a jam-o-matic at first. Would only function semi reliably w/CCI ammo. Still jams A LOT!. Too much IMO.
    OK, I still like it, don't intend to dump it. But IMO the MSRP of $299. is too high for what I got. I think it's basically like paying a Ruger Single Six price for a Heritage SA revolver. The gun IMO is simply NOT of a quality to be worth $300. I'd feel alot better about it if I had paid $200. or less.
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    I have one also. Fatstrat has it exactly right. I paid $257.00 and I`m not sure I got my moneys worth.
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    Saw the paper that a large nationwide sporting goods store has the Browning Buckmark on sale for $299. Sure wish I had the $300. I spent on the Chiappa back.
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    quote:Originally posted by joe 1951
    Anyone know anything about this?Chiappa 1911-22 .22 LR 1911.Thank you for your time.

    yes i just got back from the range. i have owned sig 22 & ruger 22. i was very impressed with the none FTE & FTF. i only had 2 stove pipes with 250+ rounds of different ammo.
    i always strip a new gun down and clean and lube. i think with a low recoil round like a 22 that should be a priority.
    when you buy a glock or xd you can shoot them right out of the box.
    but i was very impressed with this low priced 22!
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