Winchester 94 Short Magazine

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I always liked the look of the Model 64.

With my reasonably current, shooter, non-collectable M94, how difficult is it to shorten the magazine (and spring)? Looking for 3 rd max load (if I need more than that, there's something wrong with me, not the gun)


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    Assuming you have a regular carbine, I think there is a notch in the barrel where the front barrel band screw goes across. Shortening the magazine will expose that little notch. If there is not a notch, somebody will say so.

    If you have a rifle, shortening the magazine by very much will expose the cut for the hanger ring.

    I am sure you can look at the end of the magazine and see how the end cap is retained. I would call it a lathe job, but I am sure somebody somewhere has done it with hand tools.

    No problem to shorten the spring, you just have to guess right on how much to cut.
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    help the economy and just buy a 64[^]
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    Comments above are correct about the notch for the screw under the carbine barrel band and the cut out for the hanger on the rifle.

    In addition on a 64 that hanger notch is cut farther back on the barrel. So not only will one need to be filled but another cut if you are trying to copy that.

    Finally the magazine plug on a short mag is rounded rather than flat as on a full mag so that is a part you'll need to find. I'd probably leave it alone.

    Also, the NRA commemorative model 94 made about 1971 is exactly the same configuration as a 64. If you can find one that has been shot so not collectable as a commemorative, you'll get that configuration for less than an original 64. Like this one http://www.GunBroker.com/item/668849773
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    I haven't been fortunate enough to find a deal like that one. Besides, being retired, on a fixed income (whine, whine, complain)I'm pretty much stuck with what I've got.

    My gunsmith has accepted barters in the past, so Ill see what he says based on what this post has yielded.

    Thanks to all.
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