Benelli super black eagle 2 shoots HIGHT?

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I have a super Black Eagle two That shoots High by a foot at 30 yards, I changed the stock shims to see only the front sight and added a thicker factory pad, what do I need to do to get this problem fixed before duck season? [HELP]


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    All choke tubes are not created equal, even from the same maker. Try another tube.
    I have three factory Browning INV+ Full choke tubes that will pattern in three different places in the same gun.
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    I would perhaps look at a taller front sight or larger diameter bead. http://forums.benelliusa.com/archive/index.php/t-15554.html
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    The standard that most of us use is for patterning a shotgun is 40 yards not 30 yards.

    Then if you still need correction, check your choke tubes first then examine the need for a new front sight. Far too many manufacturers are more concerned with profit than producing a fine firearm.

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    A foot at 30 yards with a 12 ga shotgun is just right. I would be HAPPY to be able to shoot that good. [:D][:D][:D]

    I am new to this shooting. I shot my first duck 68 years ago. [:p][:p]
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    quote:Originally posted by duckhunter
    A foot at 30 yards with a 12 ga shotgun is just right. I would be HAPPY to be able to shoot that good. [:D][:D][:D]


    Personally, a foot high but centered. Would be just right for me. Don't like the target, obscured by the barrel. This is a throw back to my rifle shooting, when I still was using open sights. A 6:00 hold on the bull, was best for accurate shot placement.
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    I will agree that a foot high at 30 yards would allow a shooter to swing onto or swing past that duck, still being able to see the duck above the barrel, for a perfect pattern placement. In my opinion, "it ain't broke; don't fix it"!
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    I normally do my tests at 50 and 100 feet then try a few clay birds. your pattern don't sound too bad but I would try a bit more shootin.
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    have you considered the correct aiming point is at the 6 o'clock position? many waterfowl guns have gone that route so to keep the entire target in plain view, instead of having to block some of it off.
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    As the others have mentioned, I'd first look at the choke(s). Try a different constriction and see if that helps as well.

    The SBEII has a taller slanted rib specifically "improved" from the flat rib of the SBE1 version to move the point of aim higher. On those earlier guns, it was sometimes critical to stack the mid dot and end dot in a figure 8 pattern to get it to shoot high enough. If you hadn't shot the earlier one and got used to doing that it shouldn't be a problem but thought I'd mention that it isn't required on the SBEII or later.
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