German PPK/s 380 slide on complete S&W lower

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Factory Walther markings including the serial number 2416XX on the right side of the slide under the ejection port, ( GUESSING 1978 ish - 1980 ish MFG. DATE ??? ). All internal slide parts present

Left side of slide reads.... MADE IN W. GERMANY, CARL WALTHER WAFFENFABRIK ULM/DO. with the WALTHER banner and PPK / S Cal. 9mm KURZ.

If installation onto a complete functioning Walther lower also made in Germany or a Manhurin manuf. lower...will it function properly.???. Would have a qualified gunsmith check it all over before using ....

Will it function properly if it can be installed on a S & W manuf. complete lower ???

We'll see if anyone else has any experience with the S&W lower and non S&W upper working or any issues involved with fit / function..

Asked because I have no S&W experience at all, only the German complete ones !!


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    does a BMW motor work in a Honda same type of question one can make any thing work if they have unlimited money & skills for $500,000up front I will try
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    Real helpful answer there,..Tks Perry Shooter

    Stop by and pick - up your money !!!
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    I think that I understand what Perry Shooter means.

    I believe that the direct answers to your questions are, "Not likely", & "Not likely".

    My experience has been that most folks who call themselves "qualified gunsmiths" are neither. I think that you will need a frame with a PPK barrel, & the slide & receiver will require precise hand fitting. Not a lot of gunsmiths have the experience to do this if they aren't really close.

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    Even though your slide has, German Walther markings. It was made by Manhurhin in France. Walther didn't take over total production, until after the mid 1980's. They also had a different serial number range, than the Manhurin's.

    There are a couple of Walther forums on he net, that you can find with GOOGLE. Maybe one of their members. Can help you?
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    rufe-snow and nmyers ======

    Tks for your enlightened responses

    Yes on the slide being MADE IN FRANCE

    This very question has been posted on one of those forums as well as a couple of emails sent to gunsmiths whom specialize in Walther handguns.

    If and when I get a reply back from one or both of them... I'll post it here


    This AM Cylinder & Slide in NE called after receiving and opening my email about the S&W complete lower working with a complete non S & W top.

    They have no experience with this possibility, so we are back at square one...

    Awaiting email reply's or phone calls from two other Walther gunsmiths about this same subject
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    quote:Originally posted by big mango
    Real helpful answer there,..Tks Perry Shooter

    Stop by and pick - up your money !!!


    Perry is raising the question of cost-effectiveness.

    Of course this "can" be done, but if you have to find a super skilled gunsmith to do it, and pay him for 5 hours of labor and testing, its probably not going to be worth doing it.

    To answer the question, easiest way to find out is to try it. Contrary to the suggestions above, I actually think you'll have a pretty good chance of having a "drop in" fit with another similar Walther pistol, including Interarms and Smith versions of these which are supposedly built to similar specs.

    Assuming a general fit with a few rough spots, fitting a slide isn't a job for a "bubba" gunsmith (of which there are many), but its also not something that a skilled gunsmith can't do. IE, it shouldn't be a half a million dollar job. Tell you what, I'll undercut Perry and do it for only $50,000. [;)]

    My question is, where are you going to find a good condition PPK lower without an upper to finish this up? Obviously you can take the upper off a functional PPK just to test this, but that doesn't really help you assemble a complete gun. [img][/img]
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    big mango,

    Are you trying to put a Walther slide on a S&W-manufactured/ imported PPKs lower, or are you trying to put the slide on a completely different type of lower?


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    Stop by and pick - up your money !!!


    Attempting to do this..A Walther slide on a S&W-manufactured/ imported PPK/s lower. Finding a complete frame/lower is proving to be harder than I thought,, still looking !!!
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