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1876 Last Word

LeversLevers Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
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To those of you who provided positive input on my post I thank you. All I was doing was trying to verify if anyone else had seen anything similar as I described on my rifle. I paid next to nothing for the rifle and don't care what it is worth as I have no intentions of selling it. The only people who know if the gun is correct are long dead. Anybody in the business of collecting Winchesters knows "never say never". There were just to many inconsistencies in records, especially for the older guns. Jessi at Cody confirmed that grooved forends do exist for the 76. Is mine correct? All I can say for sure is that it fits the gun perfectly and is of the same size as a standard forearm. Several collectors, people who have seen and handled hundred of 76s, have confirmed that they have seen serial numbers on the undersides of the barrels, again, especially on older guns. To say never ever is a big statement. Again, thanks to those who had productive criticism. To those who seem to consider themselves "expert know it alls" and badmouth people like George Madis and call his work "junk", all I can say is it's a shame. As for the 1876 Winchester, I'd be curious to know how many of you have held a first model, let alone have taken one apart. I will excuse myself from this forum.


  • oldWinchesterfanoldWinchesterfan Member Posts: 1,048 ✭✭✭
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    You asked for expert opinions and got them from some really good, knowledgeable experts. There are some good folks on this forum and some of the very best spent their time to answer your questions. Didn't like the answers so leaving us for good, huh? Your loss.
  • mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,511 ******
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    quote:Originally posted by Levers
    I will excuse myself from this forum.

    You are excused.
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