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Colt Police Positive .38 questions

DaveFDaveF Member Posts: 75 ✭✭
edited February 2016 in Ask the Experts
I just got a Colt Police Positive .38, Serial Number 367109.
I believe is a Second Issue as the top strap is serrated, and the last Patent date on the barrel is October, 1926.
Serial number is on the frame and only visible with the crane open, and there are unknown (to me) markings on the bottom of the grip frame.
Finish is only fair, lots of bluing loss but mechanically indexes properly and locks up tighter than a bank vault, and the bore is clean, with sharp rifling. Grips are replacement brown plastic (Franzite ??).
I slugged the bore, and it only measures 0.357", which is fine by me as I already reload for .38 Spl. And .357 Mag., but I expected a slightly bigger bore diameter as this is basically a .38 S&W cartridge.
Can anyone can tell me it's date of manufacture ??
Did Colt standardize a 0.357" bore after they introduced the Police Positive Special in .38 Spl to save on barrel manufacturing costs/equipment ??
I believe this is a D frame revolver, and the grips are tiny. I have fairly large hands, so am wondering if either of the current Pachmayr grips for Colt's Police Positive Special (Older Large frame 1940 - 1971, or Newer Small frame) would fit my revolver ??
Thanks in advance.


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