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I have just bought a new yugo sks. I was thinking if it would be worth more if i added a fiberforce stock and bipod. Or is it better to leave it the same? [:)][?][?]


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    They are if thier sporterized around my area.
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    Don't perform any modifications to a new or like new rifle as collectors will want these some day. If you want to build a shooter type rifle, start with an example in very good condition and modify it however you choose. This way you can continue to shoot the rifle without effecting its collectors value down the road. Money invested in modifications to common firearms nearly never gets returned when a firearm is sold so I doubt if you'd make any real profit.

    Mark T. Christian
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    It really wouldn't be worth more it you added stuff to it. Actually, I'd think you would loose money that way. If you want to buy guns, customize them, and sell them for a profit, then your going to have to do desirable custom modifications that not just every bubba in any neck of the woods can do.

    As far as the fiber force stock and bipod. I'd say keep the original stuff somewhere as not to be lost. And when you want to sell the gun. Take the aftermarket parts off, refit the originals, and sell the aftermarket stuff seperate. That way you'll get more of the money you put into it back.
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    actually if the gun is import marked and probly is i would do what i wanted to with it
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