Charles Daly Compact .45

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Just got this one, anyone got anything to share about these?


  • WEASEL-88WEASEL-88 Member Posts: 998 ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi guys I am looking for a new .45 compact and money is an issue. I have heard good things about the CD .45's anyone care to add any good things or tell me something bad Please give me some input
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    I like the "Charles daly" line . I feel they are a good value for the price. I work on all of the 1911 copies and the "CD" doesn't really need any more attention to details to make it 100%, than any of it's competition.By the way, what ever happen to the $ 500.00 "Kimbers" that they 1st offered to kick "Colts" butt. Now adays, you'll have to spend big bucks (over $ 650.00) for even their basic models.
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    thanks for the information. I was considering purchasing one ,yself, but I couldn't find anyone who knew anything about them, other than the guy trying to sell it to me!
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