Standard Sling Swivel for Beretta 390 Magazine Cap?

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Guys if there's a solution please tell me. I've fiddled around Brownells, Cabelas etc. yet cannot find a "standard" sling swivel attachment for a Beretta 390 magazine tube.There IS available a sling "loop" similar to what a synthetic Ruger rifle has but I can't find what I want.Ya'll know what I'm talking about?I don't want to buy a gun that I'll have to afro-engineer sumpin.
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    No one seems to make what you're looking for as a standard just-screw-it-on item. Honestly, though, I've been able to make them very satisfactorily for other shotguns (never did a Beretta) by drilling and tapping the factory magazine cap, screwing in your standard non-detachable sling swivel (the ones with the long threaded shank), cutting off the shank to the proper length just inside the cap, and peening the end of the shank to prevent it from pulling out through the hole. Leave a little slop so that it will swivel. Have you tried calling Uncle Mikes (Michaels Of Oregon) and presenting them with your problem? Sometimes a cap made for one gun will work on another.
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    Uncle Mike's does indeed show the magazine cap you need. www.michaels-oregon.com Hope this helpsCharlie
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    Yes, thanks gentlemen, Michaels of Orgeon to the rescue, finally.
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