Destroyer Carbine question

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Picked up a Destroyer Carbine recently and am looking for some information.... F1 code, and I assume that would be a date and the S/N is 31xxx, and from what I have seen on the internet, the extractors are the weak link (mine's broken, hence the great deal). Anybody have a source of somebody that might make these or at least dimensions?


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    Years back I saw one at the local gun store. I think it had a broken extractor too (likely from no Largo ammo was around at the time). I'm guessing someone will need to make one.
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    The extractor is hard to come by hard. Ebay might have one but probably infrequently. I've had three and two had weak extractors - sometimes the extractor would come off its band. Guess you could clean/polish the chamber/bore really good and use your finger nails to extract the fired cartridges (or possibly a cleaning rod if they stick).
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    I have just noticed that SARCO is advertising Destroyer carbines in various states of disrepair. No bolts in any of them. Thinking of getting a barreled action just to have parts on hand. 
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    Had a friend that had one. set the barrel back so it would take standard 9mm.
    Had no extractor problems that I was aware of.
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