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hi. just found your site this morning, and i like what i see. i saw the post on the 700 remington. and i too was thinking of getting one. i would like to get it in 7mm-08. mostly for whitetails, 50yrd to 200yrd shots. i have this cal. in a browning lever, i like it...but.... i think the bbl. is too short. i'm getting 5", 3 shot groups at 200yrds. at 100yrds its gets 2"groups. shooting 140gn core-locks.i was thinking about the 700 classic. or if i can talk the swmbo (wife) (stands for..She Who Must Be Obayed. into letting be spend the $ for the model 40-xb. but how would the 40 be worth it? i dont do alot of walking so i dont think the wt. would be a big issue. i need some ideas.thanks for helping out the new guy!


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    Hi there,If you are certain that the 7mm-08 is the caliber you want to stick with, I think the Rem. 700 (classic) is one of if not THE best out of the box rifles you can buy. I own more than one myself. I had a BLR once that I couldn't get very tight shot groups out of either, but it isn't necessarily the gun in your case. You may need another scope, scope mount adjustments, etc. However, if you are determined to buy a new rifle, my humble opinion is that the Rem. 700 (classic) is one fantastic rifle. I have an ADL and a BDL version and they are both just as good as the other.
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    Shoot your gun from a sandbagged, solid rest.If your groups improve markedly, you need to practice more to develop a steadier hold. Let a friend (WHO KNOWS GUNS) shoot it. Again, if he shoots better groups, the fault lies in you, not the gun. Check out the scope, mount and screws to be certain all is as it should be. Be certain the action screw is tight as well. Check the barrel crown for nicks. You may want to have the action glass bedded. Experiment with different ammo to find what your rifle likes best. If all else fails, find a goodgunsmith to check the gun out for you andpay him well for his hard earned knowledge!
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    First Get rid of the wife. Second, buy any gun you want.. Third , you will be a very happen MAN..
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    mustang,"She Who Must Be Obeyed".I`ve heard ~Rumpole Of The Bailie~say that a lot of times.nunn says that G.Gordon uses it.I`m very interested to know where you`ve heard it...Thanks,.218
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    the 700 classic is a great rifle. Ditto on the best out of the box. I have 4 700's and these will not be the last. Your shooting can be improved due to the adjustible trigger that comes standard on the 700. A lighter pull can often cut your groups in 1/2. The 7mm-08 has a permanent place in my safe and is always an impressive caliber when properly applied. Try the federal premium 140gr balistic tips for it, mine loves em. I will however tell you not to expect great groups from a lever gun at any distance. BOLT ACTION!!!! You may also want to look at the 700VSS or the Sendero. I can't remember but I thought one of them was offered on the 7mm-08. These guns have H&S precision stocks which in itself is worth $230 and they shoot circles around the competition right out of the box. Have a gunsmith adjust the trigger for you before you even sight it in this will keep you from sighting in twice as it will have to be re-zeroed after coming out of the stock. The 40xb is a little high unless you are an experienced long distance shooter and hand loader. Don't get me wrong. these are GREAT rifles but they are tailored to the competitive shooter and are not necessary for the distances you mentioned.
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    get a model 700 either in a bdl or the vls. can the core lockt crap and stick with 140 nos balistic tips. if you reload get remington brass. if not the federal factory loads shoot great. havent seen a 700 that wouldnt group the hell out of them. everyone tries to find some kind of fault in the gun but it may be in the ammo. remember no 2 guns will shoot the same ammo exactly the same. they may be close but sometimes you may have to experiment to find that just right load for your particular gun
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