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I know that there are narrow base and wide base gas
cylinders for M1 Garands.. I have been told that a
M1 Garand (manufactured around 1944) should have a wide base
cylinder... My question is, will a narrow base fit the
rifle? there seems to be more narrow base cylinders up for
auction then wide base...




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    A local person wants me to list his M1 Garand here on Gunbroker. He says that it was a rifle specifically made for match shooting at Camp Perry and not a rifle meant to be issued to troops. He says that the receiver has some stars on one side that show that this rifle was built for matches. I will get some photos and more information in the next few days, just wondering if anyone heard of these purpose built rifles with stars on the receiver?
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    Hi, my first post her.
    Some time ago I was at a Big5 sporting goods and I saw a M1 Garand for sale in their used gun section. The price was $61.00.
    I didn't buy it, because at the time I was waiting for a transplant and I didn't think I would survive the year, let alone ever getting to use the gun!

    Now I received my transplant and I came on these boards to see if I could find one. Imagine my surprise, when I saw the prices the garands are fetching here!

    I was a Lieutenant in the Italian army, attached to an American base in northern Italy, and at the time (early 80's) I had a Winchester made M1. I loved that gun, I found it precise and reliable and now I think of it fondly. I remember envying the American soldiers, with their M16 and their repeating fire, but my Garand was a pretty gun, and eventually I got assigned a beretta version with a folding stock and a larger magazine our paratroopers were using at the time. I got discharged with honor as a Captain, but in Italy owning a M1 is against the law (it is considered a war gun). After I moved to the states, started a family etc. I didn't think about it anymore.

    Was my find an unusual one? Or some M1s are better than others (I suppose so, but $60 seemed like a deal to me)?

    Also, my father owned a Benelli over-under and 2 beretta shotguns, special edition with carvings fine wood stock, etc. what are the procedures to import such a gun? Should I make another post to ask that question?

    Thank you for your help, any answers will be greatly appreciated.
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    I know nothing about this particular gun. I have a friend that is old vietnam vet and he is really lookin for one. I need some info to help me choose the best one to buy. Thanks
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    According to the Scott Duff M1 Garand book, all of the numbers on my Springfield M1 are correct except the barrel. The serial No. 1877XXX and the book states that the barrel should be 3-S-A-7-43. My barrel is stamped 3-S-A-4-44. I'm wondering if it was normal to ship them that way with some parts off by a few months. After all I should take into account that it was made during the war. Should I look for another barrel with the correct stamping? Then maybe I should just leave it alone. I'm new to the M1 and this is the only one that I have so please excuse my ignorance on this subject. Thank you for your thoughts because you are the experts.
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    i just bought an m1 garand last week. im new to the garand scene, so im hearing about matching numbers ect. where can i find the numbers on a garand and what is the significance of matching numbers. i did check the serial number and it was built by springfield in june 1942
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    I am a Novice Garand owner w/ one IHC and one H & R.

    My tractor rifle is 5,097,7xx produced 1954-1956 and the barrel has a "funky" F on its side and a punch mark, D6535448, a space then 45, another space then A1800 a space and a widely seperated S A ( the A is kinda ground off) and then 11 52.

    Does this barrel match the receiver? I understand that Springfield "bailed" out IHC when they had production problrms

    What is the best reference book/guide to strart my Garand education?
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    after selling off several M1 garands i inherited i kept two that i thought were the best a M1C and M1D both are pristine and have all the matching mfg parts, only difference i can see is the scope mounts and one has a M81 scope and the other a M82 my question is
    the D model fires fine no problems but the C model will fire off two maybe three rounds then eject the clip with the remaining 5 or 6 rounds does not do it all the time but at least 50% of the time.i fire the same ammo in both rifles (surplus ball)and have even swapped clips from the D model but does not seem to make any difference..
    another question is if i should need to get work done on these scopes any suggestions as to who would do it
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    My Grandfather is looking at a very nice Garand. The guy that has it is a friend of mine. He thinks it is worth some unbelievable amount of money. I just don't know. I just ordered a book on these things, but I really do not know a whole lot about them other than to watch your thumb. I don't want Granddad to get crucified on this thing, but I also don't want to anger a friend over an offer.

    This is what I have so far:
    Springfield Armory
    SN: 2485755
    Receiver: D 28291 32, D 2 3, #9674;, and a double stamped 4
    Barrel: S-A-12-50, EXEL/GARDNER, MA (near front sight)
    Bolt: D28287-19SA, D-14A
    Operating Rod: D35382 6 SA
    Trigger Housing: D28290-14-SA
    Hammer: C46008-7 SA
    STOCK: The stock is in very nice shape (surely refinished). I can only find a faint P inside a circle, and an X at the base of the "pistol grip" on the stock. There have been some repairs to the stock with pins, but no cracks are visible, and it looks very nice.

    I don't know where to even look for other numbers. I have found a few places online, but I got a little too confused. It looks VERY nice, but I don't know on these things. My "friend" is saying it is worth $2000, and I just don't think so. I say $900 tops, just from what I have seen on GB.

    What do you guys think???
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    You know how the clip will eject after all rounds fired. Well mine will eject every once in awhile after 2 round have been fired. Not only is it irritating but it hurt. See they hit right on top of my head, Hat and ear muffs took most of the hit.

    So while cleaning it up today what should I look for. This will be my 1st time Field Stripping it. Yesterday was the 1st time I shot it. Shot great at least as good as I shoot.

    Thanks for the help.

    added:Do have a field striping Guide.

    added:But have just did a search how do I get that book since its not available in my area. Will try to get it ordered today and see how long it will take to get in.

    Ammo is old Military still in their Bandoleers and on clips. Head stamp is "HXP 80"

    May have the Manual coming in, local gun shop checked and his supplier says they have it. This was Kind of weird since that shop normally does not give me the time of day. Run by a retired COP and normally only talks to other COPS. But the Mention of a Garand got them talking to me. Will also look at the Fulton Armory, heard of them before, just forgot them. Will save their site on my Favorites list for future reference.
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    I have a Springfield Garand, serial 219774, which I believe puts the mfg. date somewhere in the April-May 1941 range. Anyway, the rifle is in decent shape-I'm sure, given the 1941 date, that its been thru some sort of rebuild over the years however I believe the barrel may still be the original. (I'm at work and don't have all the barrel markings.) The rifle needs to be rebarreled, muzzle erosion is significant and the accuracy greatly affected.
    My question is regarding general value should my heirs decide to sell the rifle some time in the future: Rebarreling so it's a shooter vs just keeping it as it is to maintain it as close to original as possible? Any suggestions from the experts? (The more I try to learn about these rifles I realize how much more studying I need to do.)
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    just recieved a m1 garand and would like to know a little about this rifle..i will say the gun is in real nice shape but i am no garand expert...frame says u.s.rifle cal 30 m1 springfield armory serial # 3140000...bolt has 6526287-sa z3... barrel has a e and r on it and also 1-s-a-11-44..how much are these worth and anything else you can tell me...no import marks..i'm thinking springfield armory put these together in the 80's or 90's..possible parts gun??? thanks for you time tom
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    I just picked up an M1 Garand in great condition, the receiver is marked on the left side C A T Gorgia, VT. The stock is after market, as it has no inspector stamps or other markings on it.
    Can anyone give me an idea what this is? Who C A T is? Is value comarible to armoury rebuild?
    Thanks for the help.
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    We need to know the manufacturer of the Garand, ie: Winchester, Springfield, etc.



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    The War Dept changed to the wide base gas cylinder because too many rifles had to be rejected when they ran out of lateral movement of the front sight and the sight would overhang the sight base. (They could compensate for front sight problems by moving the rear sight to one side, but windage could not be set at zero.) Any gas cylinder should fit, but it's possible that you will have to let it overhang a little in order to zero the rifle.

    I assume that you have a rebuilt rifle, so it probably doesn't matter if you have the correct gas cylinder.

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