.303 British Linked WWII Ammo

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I have 64 live rounds of linked .303 British ammunition marked 1940 and 1942. The ammunition was stored dry and is not corroded and has only light spotty surface rust on the links.

Is there any collector value to this ammunition as is and what type of weapon could it have been used in other than the Enfield rifles? It came from a Canadian WWII infantry vet's personal affects.

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    The .303 ammo you have is probably not of any extraordinary value as WW2 .303 is not that rare. As to the weapon I would suspect it is for the Vickers machine gun, however it usually used a cloth belt not metal links. I am unsure what other .303 caliber machine guns would be out there that would us the links as described. I would expect the ammo to be shootable from your condition description.
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    Those metal linked ammo was uses in early war for the spitfire planes.not much of a match for the German me 109 wwith a 20mmm cannon

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