AR -10 (LAR-8) Rock River Mags

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Would any of you know what mags, other than Rock River mags, may fit this rifle. I have had this rifle for about a year, bought from a Rock River Representative, but have shot it very little since break-in and setting the scope zero. The (flimsy) mag it was delivered with works amazingly well, but I would like to have more than one mag.

I recall something about FN-FAL mags fitting Rock River...any truth to that.

Thanks Guys


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    Yup, the relatively cheap (well, last month anyway) and plentiful metric pattern FAL mags.

    Here's what the front of the mag should look like - you want metric. Note that there are new production 30 round metrics from DSA which may suffer from quality. There are also Korean ones that should be avoided. And the plastic thermold ones should also be avoided.

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