TCR 83 Aristocrat

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I just bought a TCR 83 Aristocrat rifle in 30.06 and although I have lots of T/C rifles and barrels this is one I don't know much about. I recall when they first came out and although nice rifles they didn't seem to take off. Always liked them and I found this for a good price, it has outstanding wood.

I found some weaver scope mount bases and will use a Nikon 4 to 12X scope. Lots of eye relief, I figure with a 6 lb rifle I'll need it.

Does anyone have one, can tell me what sort of accuracy to expect? It has double set triggers and that's fine, but can the trigger pull be adjusted in non-set mode?


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    Just like their side lock muzzle loaders, this rifle can be fired without setting the trigger. It should group within 1.5 MOA, which is on par, with most Ruger #1's.

    Back in their heyday, TC had their own Walnut supplier's, and their own kiln. That kiln burnt sometime around the late 90's, and I am not sure if things ever got back to the way they used to be. Needless to say, they had some of the best, if not the best, factory walnut in the industry. I have a TC Cherokee, and Seneca, muzzle loaders that are mated to extraordinary wood.

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    Thanks Tim. The wood on this is excellent, especially about the comb & cheek rest area.

    My No1s tend to drive me up the wall until a tweak or two is done, although the latest V model in 220 Swift is well behaved. I'm hopeful the TCR does about 1.5", that would be fine in 30.06 for me.

    In non-set trigger mode the pull is light, but there's a long take up before the sear releases - much like an AR two stage, but without the hitch. I have to do the CA wait to fiddle with it, I recall a set screw under the trigger and assume that's for adjusting. Perhaps someone went to far and I have to dial back. Setting the trigger by pulling the rear takes alot of effort, very heavy pressure.
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