M1 Carbines

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How can you determine if the gun is original or a factory rework?


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    I have obtained 3 m1 carbines through the years that I know very little about. I know there are books on the subject but I was wondering if there are any online tutorials regarding their collectible values. Does anyone know of an expert in the field in South East Michigan? Thanks, nneamos
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    I'm looking to get an M1 and during my looking around I've run across several different manufactures (Inland, Winchester, Universal, Saginaw, National Postal Meter, and Underwood mostly) and some seem to sell for much higher prices than others. I was wondering if there was any particular reason for this like are some of them made better than others or is it more of a brand recognition thing since Winchesters seem to be the most expensive all the time?

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    A rebuild will have adjustable rear sight and a bayonet lug on it [;)]
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    Late Inland's will have an adjustable rear sight.

    It's kind of like asking, "How do you tell if a used car has been in an accident?" Same answer: You have to know what to look for, & experience is important.

    If you want to learn a lot about the subject, consider buying an inexpensive paperback by Craig Riesch on Wartime Carbines.

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    Howdy richkov,8 welcome here,

    Not knowing what you know or not, to clarify a bit more...

    What dcs & nmyers have stated is true for government arsenal rebuilds.

    A "factory rework" as you put it, may be the answer you seek from the above.

    OR, there were private companies that churned out M1-Carbines using both original G.I. issued parts + parts of their own making. Example-- Fed Ord, Iver Johnson, etc. The company's name should be marked on the firearm.

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    Welcome! I just picked up an Saginaw Steering Gear M1, and I poked about on these sites to get a bit more on the M1:


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    It's rare to find any Carbine that has not been re-arsenaled as so many are returns from countries who were given surplus rifles after WW2.
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